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Floods in northern Turkey kill at least 10

Posted on Jul 06, 11:17PM | BNO News

SAMSUN, TURKEY : The death toll as a result of flooding triggered by heavy rainfall in northern Turkey earlier this week has risen to 10, with at least one other person still missing and feared dead, emergency officials said on Thursday.

A spokesperson for Turkey's emergency management authority (AFAD) said the flooding on Tuesday and Wednesday killed at least ten people, left another person missing, and injured 21. "Throughout the province of Samsun, stranded citizens were rescued and search-and-rescue work continues because one is still missing," the agency said.

Torrential rains hit the coastal Black Sea province of Samsun from Tuesday, causing the Mert River's bank to overflow in the Canik neighborhood of Samsun city. Numerous apartments, offices, shops and several hospitals were flooded, while authorities closed down a number of bridges in the area in fear of a possible collapse. The road between the provinces of Samsun and Ordu was also closed.

Among those killed were at least five children, including a one-year-old toddler.