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Venus Remedies bags patent grant from South Africa

Posted on May 22, 01:18PM | IBNS

Chandigarh, May 22 : Venus Remedies Limited (BSE Code-526953), a leading research based global pharmaceutical company, on Tuesday said it has received its first patent for a novel antibiotic combination of carbapenem and aminoglycoside.

Pioneering into antibacterial portfolio, Venus has added another international patent from CIPRO (Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office) South Africa to its basket for the antibiotic combination rationally designed to result in a pharmaceutical low dose.

"Overall, Venus is enjoying a total tally of more than 80 patents for its innovative research products across the globe," read a company statement.

Dr Mufti Suhail Sayeed, Vice President - VMRC, Venus Remedies Limited, said, "We have made amazing progress to treat serious fatal mixed multi-bacterial infectious diseases through our novel antibiotic combination of Carbapenem and Aminoglycoside.

"Having received this patent grant from CIPRO, South Africa, we are hopeful of capturing a major share in the market which is upheaval with antibiotics for wide indications."

"With probable prolonged administration of most of the existing therapies, this proposed single unit injection will be a blessing for the medical fraternity as it is extremely effective even at very low concentrations.

"This will significantly overcome the drug resistance problem and will also reduce the side effects," he said.

Novel antibiotic combination is suitable for the treatment of bacterial/ multi-bacterial infections, and is particularly suitable for catering to the needs of all age groups ranging from the neonates, children, immuno compromised patients, and the ones prone to serious fatal mixed multi-bacterial infectious diseases.

In case of neonates and children, where higher doses may precipitate serious toxicities and lower doses of existing therapies do not work, dose reduction to a therapeutically effective level with reduced side effects was the greatest accomplishment with the novel antibiotic combination.

The global anti-infectives market generated revenues of USD 79.12bn from second quarter 2008 to second quarter 2009.

Over this period, the systemic antibacterial market accounted for 46.9pc of this market segment reaching USD 37.14bn in revenues.

Overall growth for the forecast period from 2009 to 2024 is estimated to be 6.76pc (CAGR) rising to a figure of USD 99.13bn.

Venus expects the product to be in market by end of 2015 after regulatory approvals.