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Strides gets US approval for Acetazolamide injection

Posted on May 10, 09:42PM | IBNS

Bangalore, May 10 : Strides Arcolab Limited (Strides), a global pharmaceutical company, on Thursday announced that it has received ANDA approval from US FDA for Acetazolamide for Injection USP, 500 mg/ vial (preservative free) in lyophilized format.

According to IMS, the 2011 U.S. market for Injectable Acetazolamide approximates to USD 10 Million with only one active player. The product is expected to be launched shortly.

Acetazolamide is the fourteenth product approved under the Sagent - Strides partnership. Strides is developing and supplying more than 25 injectable products for the USA market which will be marketed by Sagent

Acetazolamide, is used for adjunctive treatment of: edema due to congestive heart failure; drug-induced edema; centrencephalic epilepsies (petit mal, unlocalized seizures); chronic simple (open-angle) glaucoma, secondary glaucoma, and preoperatively in acute angle-closure glaucoma where delay of surgery is desired in order to lower intraocular pressure.