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Indians trust business, media more than government: Survey

Posted on Mar 13, 07:05AM | IANS

New Delhi, March 12 : "Informed public", or college-educated individuals in the age group of 25-64, in India trust businesses and media more than the government and NGOs, according to a survey conducted by communications and media relations firm Edelman.

According to Edelman Trust Barometer 2013, released Tuesday, people's faith in media and businesses increased in the last one year, while in government and NGOs, it remained static.

The survey shows that the gap between trust levels in business and government continues to widen and is currently marked by a 24 percentage point difference.

Another indication of the difference in trust between business and government comes from the fact that only 17 percent of the general public respondents in India do not trust business leaders to tell the truth, whereas 39 percent do not trust government leaders, Edelman said in the survey report.

Trust in media increased by nine percentage points to 79 percent in 2013 survey as compared to 70 percent in the previous survey.