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Punjab to drink more, pay more for liquor

Posted on Mar 08, 05:43AM | IANS

Chandigarh, March 7 : Punjab will drink more and pay more to mop up an additional revenue of Rs.610 crore in the next financial year (2013-14).

The Punjab cabinet Thursday approved the new Excise and Taxation policy for 2013-14, which aims at an increase of Rs.610 crore revenue at Rs.4,020 crore against Rs.3,410 crore in the current year.

A spokesperson of the Chief Minister's office said: "The cabinet has decided to continue with the existing system of allotment of liquor vends through draw of lots with an objective to provide quality liquor to the people at affordable prices."

The quota of Punjab Medium Liquor (PML) has been increased by 50 lakh proof litres and Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) by 10 lakh proof litres

"There was a marginal increase of Rs.4 per litre on PML and IMFL," the spokesperson said.

"In order to encourage bottling in Punjab, the import fee on bottled IMFL into Punjab has been increased from Rs.15 per litre to Rs.25 per litre," the spokesperson added.