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Bank lending rates in South Korea rebound

Posted on Feb 27, 11:06PM | IANS

Seoul, Feb 27 : Bank lending rates in South Korea rebounded in January from a record low level as demand for mortgage loans reduced amid the end of temporary tax benefits for housing transactions, central bank data showed Wednesday.

Weighted average annual rate for new loans extended by banks to households and companies was 5 percent in January, rebounding from an all-time low of 4.84 percent in the prior month, according to the Bank of Korea (BOK).

The rate for fresh household loans jumped 30 basis points last month after demand for home-backed loans fell amid the end of temporary tax cuts for home trading in December, reported Xinhua.

Mortgage loans extended by banks decreased 2.3 trillion won in January after rising in the prior month.

The rate for new corporate loans inched up 3 basis points in January after falling 4 basis points in the previous month.

Average annual rate on bank deposits declined 10 basis points from a month earlier to 3 percent in January as market interest rates stayed at a low level in tandem with the BOK's monetary easing stance. The central bank cut its policy rate in July and October last year.

The rate for market-type financial products such as certificate of deposit decreased 11 basis points, with the one for savings deposits falling 10 basis points.

Loan-to-deposit spread, a gauge of banks' profitability from lending, was 263 basis points in January, up 2 basis points from the prior month.