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Madrid fashion show focuses on classy urban garments

Posted on Feb 20, 04:58PM | IANS

Madrid, Feb 20 : The creations of both young and veteran Spanish fashion designers on the second day of Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Madrid are focusing on the female figure and classy urban garments.

With a specific and short, but intense, chromatic palette, Roberto Torretta presented a collection in which the jumpsuit, in different fabrics and colors, took center stage.

"It's interesting, new and practical, as well as feminine and seductive," he told EFE.

On Tuesday afternoon, Roberto Verino sent his "Luxury Connection" up onto the catwalk, a collection inspired by the radiance and joy of the 1920s and '70s, two periods marked by strong public optimism, which is what this Galicia native wants to transmit to Spanish society, which has been beset by economic crisis for several years.

Generally faithful to the fabrics with plain colors, veteran designer Angel Schlesser on this occasion displayed a clothing line that cedes ground to fabrics with textures, which he used to create oversize works with an oval cut and masculine hues in a collection that attempts "to make something special from a normal wardrobe".

With more technological fabrics than on other occasions, young Rabaneda was the person tasked with kicking off the second day of the Madrid fashion show's 57th edition with an impeccable collection in which the mixture of textures and the fusion of colors have the leading roles in a series of high class urban garments.

And without abandoning their identifying characteristics, designers Victorio and Lucchino brought to the Madrid runway a completely revamped collection in which the garments distinguish themselves, marked as they are by the avant-garde and elements of Spanish culture.