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Sonali teases Anurag about his paunch

Posted on Feb 20, 03:19PM | IBNS

Mumbai, Feb 20 : With thousands of mischievous kids landing up to audition for Zee TV's India's Best Dramebaaz with their own creative ideas, judges Sonali Bendre, Anurag Basu and Vivek Oberoi were often left stumped, speechless or simply in hysterical fits of laughter as they sat through the auditions held in various cities of India.

While in Mumbai, li'l Ameet Tiwari of Mumbai walked out on stage stomach first, much to the amusement of the judges.

Ameet had a stomach that was perhaps as wide as he was tall and by the looks of it, it looked like it could cause him to topple over any moment.

Turns out the kid had come to the auditions dressed up as 'Peturam'.

After his cute act which charmed the judges, the show's in-house 'peturam' Anurag Basu couldn't resist going up on stage to have a 'tummy wrestle' with the lil kiddo which involved bumping tummies (both real and fake) against each other and trying to see whose tummy was the strongest/largest.

Dada finally conceded the 'battle' by declaring that his tummy was smaller than Ameet's.

Of course this left both the other judges rolling on the floor in laughter with Sonali mischievously saying: "Dada, aapki paunch bahut door jaati hai."