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Ukranian battle tank engines for Pakistan

Posted on Feb 19, 06:27PM | IANS

Kiev, Feb 19 : Ukraine will deliver 110 tank power plants "engines and related parts" to Pakistan under a $50 million contract, state-run arms exporter Ukrspetsstroi has said.

The power plants will be manufactured at the Kharkov-based Malyshev Plant, a state-run enterprise specialising in armoured vehicles and their components, under a four-year contract that was signed "several days ago", Ukrspetsstroi said in a statement on its website.

It did not provide any technical specifications.

Ukraine previously delivered more than 300 power plants to Pakistan for its Al-Khalid main battle tank, Ukrspetsstroi's acting deputy general director Vadim Kozhevnikov said, adding that Ukraine also supplies tank engines to China.

The statement cited Kozhevnikov as saying he believed Ukraine is in a good position to compete with the world's leading tank power plant manufacturers, in particular Germany.