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Green Fishing Systems for Tropical Seas launched

Posted on Feb 18, 05:17AM | UNI

Thiruvananthapuram, Feb 17 : 'Green Fishing Systems for Tropical Seas' Project was launched by the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) in Cochin.

Kerala, one of the major states contributing to the overall fisheries of the country with a total marine catch of 7.43 million tones during 2011 and a large employment generator, has been a pioneer in initiating some major steps towards conservation of marine resources.

With increasing fish production, there was always an associated increase in the efforts, either in terms of increasing fleet size, size of the craft and gear or in the installed engine power, which makes fishing one of the most energy intensive fishing methods.

It is estimated that energy content of the fuel burnt by global fisheries is 12.5 times greater than the edible protein energy content of the resulting catch, which shows the huge impact that modern fisheries has on issues related to generation of greenhouse gases that leads to irreversible climatic and oceanographic changes.