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Briton, who sold mother's home for hooker, jailed

Posted on Feb 14, 09:39PM | IANS

London, Feb 14 : A man in Britain has been jailed for selling his elderly mother's house to fund his obsession for a prostitute.

David Butler, 69, and Rachel Read, the woman, 39, forged the title deeds to his 95-year-old mother's house, eventually leaving her homeless and destitute, Daily Express reported.

He then leased the three-bedroom house back from the new owner and carried on living with his mother Margaret Butler as her carer for two years before his scam came to light.

The frail woman realised her bachelor son had stolen her 170,000 pounds home only when she was evicted by bailiffs in 2011 because he could not pay the rent. He owned half of the property, from where he taught piano lessons.

In 2001 he paid for Read's sexual services and soon fell in love with her. She charged him thousands of pounds. To pay for his amorous urge further, Butler sold his mother's home in 2008, pocketing her 62,000 pounds share of the proceeds, the Oxford Crown Court heard.

His mother, who lived at the house for 62 years, was forced to move next door where she is cared for by another son Graham.

Butler has been jailed for nine months for forgery and acquiring or possessing criminal property, while Read got a 12-month prison term.