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Love in public can ruin relationships

Posted on Feb 13, 11:24AM | IANS

London, Feb 13 : While movies may suggest a public display of love helps in winning a woman's heart, the same may not hold true in real life. Even Valentine's Day may not be an exception, a study has suggested.

The British study advises people to select the location carefully since sweeping your other half off her feet in the middle of the street may backfire, Daily Mail reported.

The survey of 2,000 people, conducted by MSN website, also found 28 percent were uncomfortable around other couples' public displays of affection.

Over a quarter of British girls are too embarrassed to cuddle or even hold hands in public, and one in 10 women would consider breaking up with a man who was too affectionate in front of other people, it said.

Two thirds of those surveyed said they would be no more affectionate to their partner on Valentine's Day than on any other day.