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Avert crisis due to breakdown in fostering human capital: Daniels

Posted on Feb 13, 11:01AM | UNI

Jaipur, Feb 12 : A growing divide between those who are given means for upward mobility and those who are denied the knowledge and tools to elevate themselves stands as a crisis, cautions John Hopkins University, US, President Prof Ronald Daniels.

Delivering the P D Agarwal Memorial Lecture on 'Frontiers of Higher Education: Access, Quality and Innovation in India and the United States', here this evening Prof Daniels, quoting a study, said 'An additional year of average university level education in a country raises national output by 19 per cent'.

'However, there is a deep bifurcation growing, a divide between those who are given the means for upward mobility and a generation of idle young people who are denied the knowledge and tools to lift themselves and their families out of poverty and diseases', he said. 'This breakdown in fostering human capital stands as a grave crisis of public policy', Prof Daniels bewared.

'It is a crisis the state has failed to properly address', he held and also admitted that disparities in access to quality post secondary education are evident in both the United States and India.

Eminent scientist and Council of Scientific and Industrial Research(CSIR)former Director Prof R.A. Mashelkar presided over the function that was organised jointly by the Bhoruka Charitable Trust and the Institute of Health Management Research(IIHMR).