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3 suspected swine flu cases in Kangra

Posted on Feb 13, 10:57AM | UNI

Dharamshala, Feb 12 : Three suspected Swine flu cases were detected in Dr R P Govt. Medical College Tanda during the last one week, official said today.

One of them was referred to PGI Chandigarh, another to IGMC Shimla and third who was admitted in the isolation ward here, his sample was send to IGMC for testing.

DRPGMC Medical Superintendent Dinesh Sood today told UNI that a patient from Palampur was a suspected Swine flu case and was referred to PGI Chandigarh by Dr G D Sharma. His sample was sent for the microbiological testing to IGMC Shimla.

The hospital sources said there was no Swine Flu laboratory in DRPGMC Tanda despite an announcement made by former Health Minister Rajeev Bindal on December 11, 2009 that Swine Flu laboratory would be set up at Tanda.

Dr Sood said another suspected Swine flu case, who was son of the first patient, who was referred to PGI Chandigarh, was referred to IGMC Shimla. He said that another suspected Swine flu case was admitted in DRPGMC Tanda in the isolation and his sample were also sent to IGMC Shimla but there was no information with the MS office or the Microbiology department whether the suspected patient was positive or negative. This sample was sent to IGMC Shimla on February 5.

When contacted HoD Microbiology Dr Kamlesh Thakur said the department was providing facility of packing the Swine Flu sample and its transportation was being provided by the MS office and the results were coming to the Clinician directly.

The DRPGMC Tanda hospital authorities did not know about the results of the third sample.

Dr Sood said that an isolation ward was ready for any Swine flu case and added the testing facility was not available here.