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JCB machines for cleanliness at Kumbh

Posted on Feb 13, 10:44AM | UNI

Kumbh Nagar (Allahabad), Feb 12 : The mela administration has pressed into service JCB machines for cleanliness of Ganga river after the of bathing by around three crore devotees on Mauni Amavasya on February 10.

The health department has speeded up cleanliness drive at the various sectors in the Kumbh mela area in this Uttar Pradesh city, the health department sources said.

JCB machines were exhuming the filth from the river and ensuring healthy environment to visiting pilgrims.

A sea of devotees are expected to congregate at Kumbh mela on Basant Panchami on February 15.

The whole mela area has been divided into 22 sanitation circles and 7000 sweepers were involved in the cleanliness work at the Kumbh.