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Yet to be enforced accord with Italy may help Italian marines

Posted on Feb 13, 10:33AM | UNI

New Delhi, Feb 12 : The two Italian marines facing trial forfatally firing at two Kerala fishermen might be deported back to their country to serve their sentence there if convicted under an agreement between the two countries which, however, is yet to come into force.

This is possible under an agreement on the transfer of sentenced persons between India and Italy that had been concluded in January last year.

The shooting incident off the Kerala coast had taken place about a month after that.

However, there is one requirement for the agreement to come into force.

After the ratification of the document, the two countries have to inform each other of it through diplomatic communication, and it is one month after the last communication that the agreement would come into force, Ministry of External Affairs Syed Akbaruddin said here while replying to a question.

The option of serving the sentence would be available to the accused only after the case had been finally disposed off by the supreme court of appeal of the country.

It was on February 15 last year that Italian marines shot at the fishermen. They claim that they suspected the fishermen to be pirates.