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Powergrid set to become second biggest global power network

Posted on Feb 13, 10:25AM | UNI

New Delhi, Feb 12 : Shedding off its grid failure taint just six months ago, Power Grid Corporation of India, a navratna PSU, is all set to emerge as the second biggest physical network after China once it touches 100,000 Circuit Kilo Metre (CKM) network from the present 98,360 CKM next year, company Chairman R N Naik said today.

Giving the details of Power Grid's third quarter results at a

news conference, the Chairman said the company which manages the National Grid with an established inter regional power transfer capacity of about 28,000 MW would be able to syncronise the Southern Grid with the Western Grid which is presently connected

through asyncronous element by linking the grid in Raichur in Karnataka and Solapur in Maharashtra.

The total network inherited by Powergrid when it commenced operations two decades ago was 22,228 CKM.

He said the Powergrid was working on high transmission voltages
of 800 Kv high voltage DC and 1200 ultra high voltage AC system
deploying state of the art technologies to achieve substantial
saving in transmission and distribution losses.

Currently, the company was establishing 800 Kv bipole lines
one from North Estern region to Northern region and the other from Western region to Northern region. 1200 Kv lies were test charged at the National Test station Bina, Madhya Pradesh and field tests were underway.

The company had a helicopter fleet to monitor its vast network. Such quick response was needed to manage the vast distribution network.

For the quarter ending December 2012, Powergrid achieved a turnover of Rs 10,785 crore and a net profit of Rs 3255 crore. Total fixed assets of the company were Rs 976.87 crore. The company had a turnover of Rs 10,785 crore and a net profit of Rs 3255 crore in March 2012 with a total fixed assets of Rs 63,387 crore.

Besides this, Powergrid was involved in consultancy assignments
with all its neighbouring countries -- Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar,
Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Srilanka. It was also working in UAE,
Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tajikistan. It had taken over a two
year management contract in Ethiopia involving an earning of 16
million US dollars. The work force will be domestically sourced but Powergrid will be providing management consultancy.

Mr Naik said that his company planned a capital investment of Rs 100,000 crore for developing inter-state transmission system during 12th Plan.

The company was given corporate rating of 'BBB-' by international credit rating agencies -- Standard and Poor's and Fitch.