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N'land ENSF asks politicians not to use Naga rebels in polls

Posted on Feb 13, 10:07AM | UNI

Kohima, Feb 12 : The Eastern Naga Students' Federation (ENSF) has reaffirmed its stand on 'free, fair and peaceful election' 2013 and appealed to the political parties in Eastern Nagaland not to 'approach or use national workers (undergrounds)' as tools for promoting their 'selfish agendas.'

ENSF vice-president Topongchuba Chang and Assistant General Secretary Shahsha L Menhahu asked the 'national workers' not to force the public for supporting certain political party candidates within Eastern Nagaland and requested them to refrain from involvement in the election, a statement said.

The federation directed the people of Eastern Nagaland to cast their votes exercising their freedom of choice as per the fundamental right of the people.

The ENSF has also reasserted that the people of Eastern Nagaland were not in favour of any political party or candidates.

The federation also appealed to the citizens of Eastern Nagaland to abide by and honour the Nagaland Baptist Church Council's campaign for 'clean election.' Stating that Eastern Nagaland needed efficient, determined and visionary leaders, ENSF asked Eastern Nagas to elect the representatives through free and fair manner.

It also lamented that in the past elections in the region, the people were 'misled and misguided' by different political parties and outsiders with false commitments only meant to extract political mileage.

However, the federation also expressed apprehension that some individuals, groups or organisations might 'apply highly weird policies' by taking an advantage of election to create confusion and to obstruct the movements of Eastern Nagas.

The ENSF warned that no individual, group, party or organisation should use Eastern Nagaland for their own political advantages, the statement said.