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TAAI and TAFI resolve to restore agents Legitimate remuneration

Posted on Feb 13, 09:59AM | UNI

Mumbai, Feb 12 : Following the order passed by Supreme Court on January 23, where Airlines were informed and directed not to charge transaction fee in any form while selling air tickets on both domestic and internationa Sectors, Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) and Travel Agents Federation of India (TAFI) resolved to work together to restore legitimate remuneration to travel agents in India.

The Association/s have written to Airlines to immediately restore legitimate remuneration. Associations have made representations to Secy, Ministry of Civil Aviation, to intervene in the matter and issue suitable directions to the DGCA to take action in this regard and also issue directions to the Airline Corporations, operating to and from India, to pay commission to Travel Agents as the same is inclusive in the definition of Tariff under Sub Rule 3 of Rule 54A of the Aircraft Rules, 1937.

Mr Iqbal Mulla, President of TAAI and Mr Zakkir Ahmed , President of TAFI told reporters last evening that all Airlines will have to comply with the law of the land.

Both have appealed to Airlines to fairly remunerate Travel Agents considering all inputs of costs and not measly token. Both Associations have pledged to work amicably with all Airlines to safeguard Interests of all concerned ensuring Transparency to Travelling Public.

They stressed the point that Tourism/Aviation Industry is one of the largest contributor of Foreign Exchange earnings to Government of India.

The need of the hour, Mr Mulla added, is the survival of the travel agents in India which will have direct impact on Travel and Tourism in the Country. Otherwise, this situation will lead to immediate unemployment in the travel and tourism industry, siphoning or avoiding taxes, losing of foreign exchange which is so important to the Exchequer, decrease of business deals with overseas agents, creating consolidation, threat of more defaults by portals and OTAs and consolidators. In fact. small agents will simply perish. Both the presidents have pledged to arrive at a logical conclusion on the present impasse.

Earlier, the airlines used to remunerate travel agents for selling, handling, processing and servicing passengers on behalf of them. Since 2008, 16 major Airlines operating to/from India stopped remunerating Travel Agents.