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Fox bites off baby's finger in London

Posted on Feb 10, 07:56PM | IANS

London, Feb 10 : A fox dragged a month-old baby from his cot in London and tore off the child's finger.

Sky News said the child was seriously injured after the animal crept into his bedroom in Bromley in southeast London and mauled his hand.

The baby's mother was alerted by his screaming and rushed into his room to see his hand in the animal's mouth.

After a short struggle, the mother managed to free her child but his finger had been ripped off.

The child was admitted to hospital where plastic surgeons were able to reattach the boy's finger and he is currently recovering at home.

Police are investigating the fox attack on the baby boy.

According to preliminary information, the fox had got into the home through an open backdoor.

Meanwhile, London Mayor Boris Johnson said more has to be done to deal with the problem of urban foxes.

A similar incident occurred in June 2010 when twin baby sisters were attacked by a fox while sleeping in their cots in London.