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Make Allahabad, Prayagraj: Ramdev

Posted on Feb 09, 09:34PM | IBNS

Allahabad, Feb 9 : Yoga guru turned anti-corruption activist Baba Ramdev on Saturday said the name of Allahabad should be changed to Prayagraj as he upped the ante against the Congress-ruled United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government for what he called hounding him and attacking the Indian holy people and culture.

"Make the name of Allahabad, Prayagraj and we demand it now from both the state government and the centre," said Baba Ramdev who visited the
Maha Kumbh on Saturday and met several holy men.

Baba Ramdev said likewise Faizabad should be named Ayodhya since it is the birthplace of Lord Rama.

"We demand this here at Kumbh," he said.

He said the Congress led government at centre is playing with the feelings of Hindus and targeting the holy men like him who is taking the Hindu knowledge, religion and culture to the world with all its goodness.

Without naming Sonia Gandhi, he said those who are living here should learn to respect the culture and religions of this land and not act like Taraka or Putana (female demons of Hindu mythology) .

Ramdev slammed the Congress led UPA government for slapping him with a Rs 92 crore tax notice and said he would fight with the government.

He said it is ridiculous that the government is targeting him of all persons and set on him the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) since he has spoken against stashing away of black money.

'I will continue to speak out and fight in courts of law despite all kinds of non-cooperation.

"They are day-dreaming if they think they can stop me like this," said Baba Ramdev flanked by some holy men.

"The government is taking the people's contribution and charity as income, but will fight in court and I will not be kowtowed," he said.

Ramdev said in two months' time he will give people a roadmap for next election so that they can choose at least 300 honest lawmakers who will do good to the nation.

He said he would start a nationwide yatra (tour) for one year to awaken the people.

Baba Ramdev was seen visiting several holy men's camps during the day at Maha Kumbh.