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Stir to peaceful situation in Kannur

Posted on Feb 09, 11:02AM | UNI

Kannur, Kerala Feb 8 : The peaceful political situation in Kannur district has been majorly affected following the district cooperative bank election scheduled to be held on February 10 at Government Women teachers training school, Payyambalam.

LDF leaders yesterday alleged that illegal policy was taken by the district UDF to wrest the Bank directors' board by using governance with the consent of Cooperative minister and UDF government. The LDF activists have been agitation before the the higher officials of the Bank demanding to publish the voters

list, to which bank officials replied to have already posted it n the notice board, but some one had destroyed the list. The police team led by DySP P Sukumaran was also camping before the Bank.

The LDF leaders including P Jayarajan, CPI(M) district secretary and C Raveendran, CPI district secretary jontly organized a press conference here and alleged that they would take legal measures as a contempt to court of the High Court direction that the voters list should be published in notice board. CPI(M) secretary P Jayarajan said Congress led UDF was trying to capture the District cooperative Bank director's board by using fraudulent methods.

As many as 1267 cooperative units are listed in the voters list but 550 of them are not functioning or liquidated so far and even the registration of them are cancelled or the share amount had returned to the cooperative units.

As per the cooperative rule those such units have no rights to franchising their votes in District Bank election.

But UDF has violated all the cooperative rules by misusing the high authority of the bank.

He also alleged that as per the High Court direction the representative's names of cooperative units must published in the notice board on February 6. But the Bank authorities had not listed yet and even they were not allowed to seen the LDF candidates with presence of the police officers.

He also alleged that the rights of votes to the LDF controlled units had been prevented by the government, They were not considering the votes of credit cooperative movements.

Meanwhile, on last day, police had arrested five LDF leaders including former district bank president P Harindaran, when they organized an agitation before the General Manager by demanding to enact the High Court order.

Mr Jayarajan alleged that UDF was trying to use goons to franchise the votes in the name of cooperative units delegates from the district, this would be prevented by LDF at any cost.

Meanwhile, UDF candidate P R Bhaskaran said they have a majority of 350 votes and LDF was trying to sabotage the election.