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Sweets connect Japan and India

Posted on Feb 08, 11:31AM | IBNS

Kolkata, Feb 8 : The Consulate-General of Japan organised a demonstration and lecture on the traditional sweets of Japan called the 'wagashi' here on Thursday.

Two young sweet-makers of Japan, Noriyuki Myojin and Shogo Shimada, provided a live demonstration of preparing the Japanese traditional confectionery.

Wagashi are said to have their roots in nuts and fruits brought back from India around 90 AD.

These sweets were initially served during the upper-class tea ceremony as a confectionery to go with the beverage.

They are typically made from vegetable ingredients and are a vital representation of the Japanese food culture as well as the traditions of the country.

They are just not the representation of the Japanese culture but they are also a form of art which requires special tools to prepare them into the desired shapes and designs.

Speaking at the occasion, the consul-general of Japan in Kolkata Mitsuo Kawaguchi said, "Wagashi represents the essence of Japanese culture. Any ceremony in Japan is incomplete without Wagashi."

"We hope to keep alive the wagashi culture for the coming years," he added.

Kawaguchi also said the demonstration of wagashi is a way to connect Japan with India.