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Zee to celebrate Valentine's Day

Posted on Feb 07, 06:41PM | IBNS

Mumbai, Feb 7 : The season of romance is here and Hindi entertainment channel Zee TV is all set to treat its viewers with two romance filled episodes on this Saturday and Sunday.

Titled 'Dil Dhamaal Dhoka' and 'Ishqwala Love', the Valentine's Day special episodes will have all the Zee TV hunks and diva's perform on various love themes.

Viewers will see Rithwik Dhanjani and Asha Negi (Arjun and Purvi of Pavitra Rishta) enact the epic romance of iconic Bollywood celebs like Guru Dutt and Madhubala, Raj Kapoor and Nargis and Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha.

Divyam (Ansh of Punarvivaah) and Shruti Visht (Indu of Hitler Didi) will depict the innocent love between two kids.

Mahima Makwana (Rachna of Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke) and Ankit Sarang (Soham of Pavitra Rishta) will portray the mushy love between two adolescents.

Shakti Arora and Asha Negi (Onir and Purvi of Pavitra Rishta) will elaborate the sensuous and layered love between a married couple.

The mature and unconditional love between two old people will be portrayed by Chetan Pandit and Zaida Parveen (Sooraj Pratap and Gayatri of Punarvivaah) whereas the funny bone of love will be explored by Himani Shivpuri and Rishabh Sinha (Sunaina of Housewife and Ayaan of Qubool Hai) and Rajiv Varma, Neha Laxmi Iyer and Mrinalini Tyagi (Mr. Kaushik of Mrs. Kaushik ki Paanch Bahuein, Najma of Qubool Hai and Teju of Pavitra Rishta).

One will also see Suhasi Dhami and Annirudh Dave (Sona and Kanhaiya of Housewife) do a desi sensuous act to bring forth the flavor of rural romance.

Apart from the above, there will be a special act by superstar Vivek Oberoi and Neha Sharma who will be dancing on the tracks of their upcoming movie Jayantabhai ki Love story.

Ratan Rajput and Kapil Sharma will team up to tickle the funny bone of the viewers with a standup comedy act.

Iqbal Khan will be playing a pivotal role in this special episode and will add to the charm of Valentine with his incredible good looks and chivalrous demeanor.

Here's a peek into what the actors did behind the scenes:

Vivek Oberoi and Neha Sharma- Without bringing any Bollywood star tantrums to the sets, Vivek Oberoi turned out to be extremely chilled out and co-operative on the sets.

He did an act with his co-star Neha Sharma to promote his upcoming movie, Jayantabhai ki Love story.

Apparently on the first day, the shoot had to be stalled for an unavoidable reason and one feared that they'll not get Vivek's dates for the shoot again.

But to everybody's surprise, they found Vivek extremely accommodating. He made himself readily available the next day for the shoot and also convinced his co-star Neha Sharma who had already committed her date to some other assignment to do the same.

Rithwik Dhanjani and Asha Negi - Rithwik Dhanjani was over the moon when he got to know that he'll get a chance to impersonate Guru Dutt, Raj Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan on screen. Same was the case with Asha.

Both the actors took time out to watch the old videos featuring these actors in the songs 'chaudhvi ka chaand', 'pyaar hua iqraar hua' and 'dekha ek khwab toh ye silsile hue' so that they could replicate the same magic onscreen and take the viewers down the memory lane.

Suhasi Dhami and Aniruddh Dave - Both Suhasi and Anirudh were paired up to do raunchy numbers on tracks like 'sarkaileyo khatiya' and 'Angana mein baba'.

Where one thought that Suhasi will be edgy and uneasy to do such a sensuous act...it was surprisingly Annirudh who got cold feet while doing the performance.

Suhasi was the one who calmed him down and gave him tips to carry out the act with elan without being conscious.

Gurmeet and Kratika - Kratika apparently was under tremendous pressure to perform with Gurmeet because he is an excellent dancer.

One hears that even while getting ready and putting her make-up on, Kratika had her eyes fixed on her Ipad where she played her rehearsal clips in loop so that she could keep up with Gurmeet.

Gurmeet's compliment to her on her lovely outfit made her very happy and they displayed a fabulous onscreen chemistry with Kratika putting her best foot forward.

Mahima and Ankit - It was their first meeting and Mahima Makwana and Ankit Sarang hit it off the moment they met. The crew spotted them chatting away to glory and getting very comfortable in each other's company.

Both not only gave an excellent performance but also exchanged numbers and BB pins at the end of the day! The Valentine spirit was surely in the air!

Rishabh Sinha and Himani Shivpuri - Rishabh had a ball romancing Himani Shivpuri. As he is full of mischief in real life, he didn't have any problems teasing Himani Shivpuri onscreen. Some even said Himani ji blushed like a young girl while doing the act.

Rajiv Varma, Neha Laxmi Iyyer and Mrinalini Tyagi - When an actor suddenly decided to drop out of the shoot at the n-th hour, the crew was in a soup and started looking for her replacement to pair up with Rajiv Varma (Mr. Kaushik) for one of the acts of the event.

Fortunately or unfortunately both Neha (Najma) and Mrinalini (Teju) landed up on the sets at the same time to fill in the vacant shoes. The crew could not say 'no' to either and decided to pair up both of them with Mr. Kaushik.

Post the shoot, after being thoroughly teased by two young girls, Mr. Kaushik surely returned home as a happy man!

Ratan and Kapil - Both did a spoof in this special episode. The moment Ratan saw Kapil, she apparently begged him not to make any fun of her engagement that had recently broken up. But Kapil being the prankster he is, teased her saying, "But that's on top of my list..you and your Swayamvar.. ."

After much sweet-talking by Ratan, he did relent to her wishes but did not spare her entirely.

Ratan being the feisty girl she is, took it in right spirit and played along with Kapil!