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Gopal Gandhi mingles with school children in Jaipur

Posted on Feb 05, 03:26PM | UNI

Jaipur, Feb 4: Mahatma Gandhi's grandson and former West Bengal Governor Gopal Krishna Gandhi today mingled with school children and activists and interacted with them on a wide range of subjects including some burning issues confronting the nation and life and thoughts of his legendary grandfather.

Sitting in a chat with the children that gathered from about a dozen of schools and social activists, at the Jawahar Kala Kendra here for almost three hours, the former bureaucrat-cum diplomat shared his views on burning issues like atrocities/crimes against women, their empowerment, corruption and prevailing socio- political scenario and 'slow pace' of progress in the country.

With all humility he began,'I am Gandhi for name sake, but I am not a Gandhian, it is not so easy to be a Gandhian indeed.'

The former Governor said 'Gandhi was not the God, he was a human being who would always try his task to his best'.

Then he said 'Gandhiji had his own limitations, he could not influenced fully many of his own generation as many had more complaints than appreciations to him'.

However, whether in agreement or not, all obeyed Gandhiji, he added.

A school girl was curious to know what stance the father-of-the-nation would have taken, in the present day circumstances, over the contentious issue of reservation.

The Mahatma's grandson said 'It is difficult to guess, as reading his mind would have not be a easy task'.

But he held that on such issues all prospectives be kept in mind and it is necessary to ensure that sentiment of the equality as well as compassion were held good.

The needy person at the tail end is benefited by the quota system then it is all right', he felt.

On a question whether Mahatma Gandhi had deprived many others -(like Bhagat Singh), of taking credit for certain things and attain their political space and/or position, the junior Gandhi said ''Had this question posed to the Mahatma, he would have been the one who would have appreciated it, but, Gandhi was the last person to take any body's political space''.

School for Democracy, spearheaded by Magsaysay awardee social activist and member National Advisory Council, Aruna Roy, organised the programme in association with Barefoot College, Tilonia,Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangthan (MKSS), RTI Manch and NCPRI.