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Heavy haul train operations need of the hour: Bansal

Posted on Feb 05, 02:59PM | UNI

New Delhi, Feb 4 : Terming heavy haul train operations the need of the hour, Railways Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal today said given the fast pace of growth in the world, there is a need for faster, economical and greater movement of goods.

Speaking after inaugurating the 10th International Heavy Haul Association (IHHA) Conference here, Mr Bansal said, ''in view of the pace of growth which the world has witnessed over the years, there is obvious need for faster, economical and greater movement of goods.''

''It is a challenge for the transportation sector to transport goods to mega level required by the growing global economy. Hence, building bulk transportation capacity is of paramount importance and it is in this context that the central theme of the Conference

namely 'Building Transport Capacity through Heavy Haul Operation' has been chosen. Heavy Haul Operations is now the need of the hour,'' Mr Bansal said.

The Minister pointed out that at the same time utmost need is required for considering technologies which aim at reducing the unit cost of transportation.

Appreciating the fact that Railway is the most efficient and environment friendly mode of transportation, the Minister pointed out that there is bound to be greater dependence on Railways for transporting goods on a very large scale which is possible only through Heavy Haul Operations.