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CPM urges PM to re-think on prices of diesel for bulk consumers

Posted on Feb 04, 03:11PM | UNI

New Delhi, Feb 4 : The CPI(M) has urged the government to reconsider its decision to charge market rate of diesel from its bulk consumers saying it would adversely affect the public transport and further burden the common man.

Party General Secretary Prakash Karat in a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on February 2, which was released to the media today, urged him to reconsider his government's decision on the issue.

He said it would badly affect the state transport undertakings (STU) and railways and would make life difficult

for general public which mostly rely on public transport system.

''As a result, the STU's have to pay an extra Rs 11 to 12 per litre plunging them into a financial crisis. There are reports of state transport corporations curtailing their services and reducing the routes on which buses ply.

Steps are being taken to increase the bus fares. All this is going to badly affect the common people who use public transportation, Mr Karat said in the letter.

This withdrawal of subsidy for the supply of diesel to bulk
consumers will cripple the public transportation system at a time when the necessity is for strengthening the public transportation system, the CPI(M) leader said adding the only way out was to restrict the expansion of private vehicle

and to strengthen public transport.

''Instead of doing that, the government's retrograde decision is a serious blow to public transport and will lead to further privatisation of transport services.

I, therefore, urge you to reconsider the decision. You are requested to restore the subsidy on diesel to bulk consumers like the state transport undertakings which will be in the public interest,'' he said.