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Kerala to become 'Zero Landless State' by 2015: Governor

Posted on Feb 03, 01:25PM | UNI

Thiruvananthapuram, Feb 1 : Kerala will become a 'Zero Landless State' by 2015 with the state government chalking out an ambitious programme to provide land for all landless families, Governor H R Bhardwaj said today.

Addressing the first session of the state Assembly in the new year, the Governor said the government had drawn up the first phase of its flagship programme to provide one-lakh poor families with three cents of land by August this year.

He said a 'land and house scheme' would be formulated for providing land and houses to all eligible scheduled caste families in the state.

Referring to the agitation launched by the Left parties, he said, 'this ill-advised and farcical agitation that enjoyed absolutely no support of the people of Kerala petered out into a dismal washout.'

He said though the government was wedded to the goal of catalyzing economic development, it would, with equal sincerity pursue the goal of strengthening the fiscal and macroeconomic stability of the state alongside.

He said as the first phase of making the entire state 'women and child friendly, one panchayat in every district would be declared a woman and child friendly panchayat during 2013-14.