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Man finds solid whale vomit worth 100,000 pounds

Posted on Jan 31, 09:00PM | IANS

London, Jan 31 : An unemployed man in Britain found a "stinky yellow rock" on a beach and was surprised to find it was solidified whale vomit reportedly worth 100,000 pounds.

Ken Wilman's boxer dog discovered the object in Morecambe, Lancashire, The Sun reported.

The 48-year-old man did not have a clue what it was, but a check on the internet revealed it was a rare piece of ambergris, a valuable ingredient used in perfume.

The vomit hardens after it is ejected by sperm whales.

"It smelled horrible. I left it, came home and looked it up on the net. When I saw what it could be worth I went back and grabbed it. It's like finding a bag of cash," he said.

A French dealer offered Ken 50,000 pounds, but experts say the vomit could be worth up to 115,000 pounds, depending on its "freshness".

Last year, an eight-year-old boy found a 40,000-pound piece of ambergris near Bournemouth.

Some say ambergris has a smooth, flowery scent, while others say it smells like manure.

Perfume makers have for centuries used the item to make fragrances last and help them bind to skin.