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'Will go to a secular state/country to live if I lose Viswaroopam'

Posted on Jan 31, 12:07PM | UNI

Chennai, Jan 30 : Ace-actor-director-producer Kamal Hassan, whose new spy thriller 'Viswaroopam' which is caught in a legal wrangle with the Tamil Nadu government suspending its screening in the state, today said he was morally wounded that his secular credentials were in question because of the film's theme.

Even as the stage was set for another round of court room battle with the state government and his counsels following the former challenging the Madras High Court order giving an interim order late last night by lifting the ban order on releasing the film, Kamal Hassan addreseed an emotional press conference at his residence that he first bought during his early days as an actor.

Driving home the point about his commitment to secular ideals, Kamal said if he loses the court battle over the film and thereby all his investments into the Rs 95 crore venture, he would go in searech of a truly secular state in India and possibly live there.

"And if I don't find a truly secular place anywhere from Kashmir to Kerala, I will look for secular country and will live there," he said emotionally.

"But even from there I will contiune to make Tamil films and films which I want to make," he sid.

Kamal said he had pledged all his properties in Chennai to raise finances for 'Viswaroopam'. "Money has never been the priority in my family. I decided to call the press conference here not because I believe that this house will bring me luck, but because I love this house. This is where my life as an actor began," he said.

Kamal said this was the third time that he had landed himself at the threshold of losing everything because of the failure of his films. 'But I had bounced back thanks to my talent and the support of my well wishers.'

Kamal said he had been emphasising that Muslims constituted a large presence in his social service organisations. 'I have been directing them to have many from Muslim community in my 'narpani mandrams,' he added.

'I took my first steps in the film as a child artiste in a film with late Gemini Ganesan, learnt much playing in the lap of Nadigar Thilakam (Sivaji Ganesan) and in the film Ananda Jyothi Makkal Thilakam MGR helped me to reach some height,' he observed, alluding these three yesteryear big stars of Tamil cinema would always inspire him to go on.

'I am not conceited that I am a big artiste though, but cinema is the only thing that I am good at,' he said.

Kamal said he was not in a position to answer any more queries on the 'Viswroopam' controversy as the matter was sub judice with the High Court order lifting the ban on exhibition imposed by the state government, heeding to the appeal of some Muslim organisations, which has been challenged by the former and was to come up for hearing in the Court later today.