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Migratory birds arrive in UP

Posted on Jan 31, 11:56AM | UNI

Etawah, Jan 30 : The banks of Yamuna river is abuzz with the chirping of migratory birds who have arrived here in large numbers.

The annual winter guests are providing a spectacular view at Dibholi, Puravali, Hatia Dilipnagar and some other ghats, wildlife experts said today.

Every year, scores of endangered bird species migrate from the beginning of November to February, which are a centre of attraction for bird lovers.

The birds migrate from places as far away as Europe, the northern regions of the Asian sub-continent, including Siberia, to escape the spine-chilling winter.

They congregate on the mud flats, providing a spectacular sight.

These birds take 5-20 days to cover the distance of their annual winter home. Cranes cover a distance of almost 500 km a day without any halt. Experts say the migratory birds follow their own social system and the most experienced always leads the flock during the flight. This is to teach the baby birds the path and return during subsequent migratory seasons.

Water scarcity has not only affected human life in Rajasthan, but resulted in the steady decline over the last few years in the number of migratory birds, who have made the Taj City their new 'winter home' this season. Water shortage at Ghana Wildlife Sanctuary in Bharatpur of Rajasthan is keeping the annual guests at bay.