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Wang to collaborate with Samsung

Posted on Jan 31, 11:30AM | IANS

Los Angeles, Jan 31 : Fashion designer Alexander Wang has teamed up with retail giant Samsung to produce a limited-edition handbag.

The designer has enlisted a group of influential stylists, photographers and friends who will use the Samsung Galaxy Note II phone to produce images which will serve as a source of inspiration for an print for the handbag.

"I am most inspired from my everyday life and the people that surround me, so the idea of a co-creation with the people that I admire and respect the most is very exciting," femalefirst.co.uk quoted Wang as saying.

"This collaboration represents a new way that technology and style can come together. And, through a concerted effort, I am happy to be a part of supporting such a great charity as ArtStart that embraces creativity and art in a way that can change lives," he added.