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Anna Hazare exhorts for total revolution for change in system

Posted on Jan 31, 11:18AM | UNI

Patna, Jan 30 : Announcing formation of 'Jantantra Morcha' to fight for the cause of people, the socialist leader and famous Gandhian Anna Hazare today advocated for right to reject and right to recall and appealed to the youth to stick to high moral values in life.

Clad in his usual traditional Indian dress of dhoti kurta with Gandhian cap, Hazare while addressing the Jantantra rally at the historical Gandhi maidain on the occasion of the death anniversary of the Father of the Nation, administered oath to the youth in the name of the blood soaked soil of Bapu.

The soil was brought here and was kept at a specially erected place on the dais. Apart from administering oath to the youth to make India as dreamed by Bapu, Anna Hazare appealed to them to sacrifice for transformation of the nation by changing the system and for social- moral revolution and welfare of the society.

Anna Hazare whose entire address was concentrated towards youth exhorted the section to strive for transformation of the nation.

He said jantantra Morcha had been formed to give a new dimension to the movement launched against corruption and for bringing total revolution in the existing system of the country.

The common people would be included in Jantantra morcha which would not contest any election and would serve the people creating a sensitive environment in the nation by making new policies and laws he informed saying that the new laws would be framed by the people and not by those sitting in Parliament.