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People's movement need of the hour: Nitish

Posted on Jan 31, 10:56AM | UNI

Patna, Jan 30 : Welcoming the move of Socialist leader Anna Hazare for sensitising the people, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today said people's movement is the need of the hour.

After offering prayers at the Gandhi Ghat on the occasion of the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Mr Kumar said Anna Hazare was trying to make the people aware of corruption through his 'Jantantra' rally and maintained that irregularities can be purged through strong protest.

Mr Kumar said by staying at the residence of the pioneer of total revolution movement Jayaprakash Narayan, Anna Hazare had touched the feelings of those associated with the JP movement.

He said the JP had launched 'total revolution' to protect democracy when it was in danger after which the Congress government, for the first time, was ousted from the Centre.

"JP's movement led to the first phase of movement against corruption. However, several corrective measures like withdrawal of public representatives and strengthening the people could not be taken up after the change of guard," said Mr Kumar, adding that the struggle led by JP for a total change remained incomplete.

Mr Kumar said his government was trying to change and improve the system but it could not be claimed that the system had entirely changed. In the given scenario, people's movement was the need of the hour to change the system, he said.

He said corruption was removed after the JP movement. But later the situation changed and it again became deep-rooted which his government was trying to eradicate. But it would be possible through public cooperation, he added.