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Parents of stolen baby moving court for Justice

Posted on Jan 31, 10:55AM | UNI

Mumbai, Jan 30 : The case of a day-old baby boy being stolen from Nowrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital at Parel in central Mumbai on October 24, might soon take a legal turn as the baby's father Devidas Naik has approached Amit Karkhanis, Advocate, High Court, known for handling medico-legal cases.

He had represented in the past the Nerurkars in 2009 in the Sion missing baby case, and had represented the apex body of IVF Clinics, to take up his fight against the hospital and help him and his wife get justice.

"I have approached Karkhanis for legal recourse. Talks are on between us. He is going through my papers. I will do all that it takes to get justice and find my baby", said Devidas.

Confirming that Devidas has approached him, Karkhanis said "Yes, I have taken up Devidas' case. We will be filing a case in the high court to see what can be done. We are exploring all legal options that include suing the hospital. Devidas has a good case as there is already a similar case pending in the high court where a baby was stolen from Sion hospital. Also, the state has to answer about security of babies especially in the female wards. We are very serious about this case. We will weigh all pros and cons, make a solid case and then approach the high court".

The case, which is yet to be filed, will be against MCGM, the State and the hospital, Karkhanis said.

A one-day-old baby boy was stolen in a matter of minutes from ward number 10 of Nowrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital at Parel on October 24, 2012. On the basis of the description given by eye witnesses, who had seen a lady running with a small baby, which she claimed to be hers.

Police had prepared a sketch of the accused, a lady, draped in an orange sari. It was also being said the accused was seen lurking in and around the ward since a few days as if she had been keeping a watch on what is happening inside the ward.