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Arvind Roy becomes Mr Revenue

Posted on Jan 30, 09:46AM | IBNS

Pune, Jan 29 : Arvind Roy of Income Tax Department, Kolkata, was adjudged Mr Revenue after the muscleman beat Mohnish Bakewala of Central Excise, Surat, in the body building competition of the 45th All-India Central Revenue Sports Meet at the Balewadi Complex here on Tuesday. Competing in the plus-70-kg category, Roy Choudhury impressed with his show of muscles over Bakewala, who nonetheless gave a good fight till the final round. Rajiv Singh Negi of Income Tax, Delhi, settled for the bronze position. In the Under-70-kg class, Lalit Yadav of Central Excise, Delhi, won the gold medal ahead of Ranjendra Gavade of Income Tax, Mumbai.

On the second day of the athletics action, P Francis Sagayraj of Central Excise, Tamil Nadu, won the 1500m run in 3 minutes, 56.2 seconds ahead of Balasaheb Nikam of Income Tax, Mumbai (5:22.2).

The 10000m run saw Joginder Singh of Income Tax, Delhi, winning the run comprehensively with a timing of 38 minutes 03.10 seconds ahead of M Subramanian of Central Excise, Tamil Nadu.

In the women's section, Preeti L Rao of Ahmedabad won the 1500m run in 5 mins 49.9 seconds beating G Ananda Valli of Central Excise, Tamil Nadu.

Mr. Revenue Arvind Roy Choudhary




100m (plus-50): 1. Costao Fernandes (Mumbai Customs) 13.3s, 2. AR Siddiqui (Central Excise Kanpur) 13.6, 3. Masthan Ahmed (Central Excise Karnataka) 13.9.

400m (plus-50): 1. Vishan Kalra (IT Jaipur) 1:03.0, 2. Praveen Punj (IT Delhi) 1:04.4, VD Dhirender Sudev (Central Excise Karnataka) 1:05.4.

400m (plus-40): 1. SL Ahiwale (IT Pune) 59.6s, 2. Sanjay Sarkar (IT Bhopal) 1:02.6, A Ravichander (Central Karnataka) 1:02.9.

400m: 1. Pradeep Gokul (IT Pune) 56.7s, 2. D Kumar (TN Customs) 58.9s, 3. Harwesh Kumar (IT Meerut) 60.9.

1500m: 1. P Francis Sagayraj (Central Excise TN) 3:56.2, 2. Balasaheb Nikam (IT Mumbai) 5:22.2, 3. D Rajesh (Central Excise TN) 6:37.9.

10000m: 1. Joginder Singh (IT Delhi) 38 minutes 03.10 seconds, 2. M Subramanian (Central Excise TN) 40:.53.8, 3. Sanjay Tikone (IT Pune) 50:31.7.

110m hurdles: 1. Sandeep Parmar (IT Pune) 14.4s, 2. Elangumaran (Central Excise TN) 18.0, 3. Vikramsingh Mann (Pune IT) 18.8.

High jump: 1. Flangumaran (Central Excise TN) 1.90m, 2. Sheopat Singh (CCE Delhi) 1.65, 3. Pradeep Rajkumar (Central Excise TN) 1.65.

Long Jump: 1. Krishnakumar Rane (Mumbai Customs) 6.88m, 2. Anish Kargutkar (IT Pune) 6.64, 3. Vaibhav Umre (CCE Indore) 4.54.

Long Jump (plus-40): 1. Norbart Kujur (Central Excise, Kolkata) 5.76m, 2. Roy K Mani (Central Excise TN) 5.54, 3. T Prakash (IT Tamil Nadu) 5.07.

Long Jump (plus-50): 1. Kamal Sett (Central Excise Kolkata) 4.68m, 2. S Gunashekaran (IT Tamil Nadu) 4.41, 3. Masthan Ahmed (Central Excise Karnataka 4.30).

Shot Put (plus-40): 1. Jitendra Pal Singh (CCE Delhi) 12.27m, 2. Nimesh Desai (Mumbai Customs) 11.23, 3. Subhasis Banerjee (Central Excise Kolkata) 11.21.

Discuss Throw: 1. Pramod Kumar (CCE Allahabd) 43.91m, 2. Jerry Pereira (Central Excise Pune) 36.58, 3. P Selve Kumar (IT Tamil Nadu) 36.04.

4x400m relay: 1. West Zone (Pradeep Gokul, Anish Kalgutkar, Alex Araj and Sandeep Parmar) 3:53.4, 2. South Zone (B Rajesh Pran Mathiyas, P Gopi, K Vijaya Sarathy and D Rajesh) 3:59.3, 3. East Zone (NL Rao, Kunal Dey, Anup Kumar Sen, Argha Mazumder) 4:39.0.


100m hurdles: 1. Sharanya (IT Tamil Nadu) 18.2s, 2. Deepika Goyal (Mumbai Customs) 19.8.

100m (plus-35): 1. Nadiya Shaikh (Central Excise Mumbai) 14.1s, 2. Agathainbu Rajulu (Central Excise Tamil Nadu) 14.3, 3. Snehal Khaire (Central Excise Pune) 15.1.

100m (plus-45): 1. Minoti Prasad (Mumbai Customs) 14.4s, 2. Kochurani Kurian (IT. Mumbai) 15.6, 3. Bithika Nag (Central Excise Kolkata) 17.0.

400m: 1. Debasree Muzumdar (IT Kolkata) 59.2s, 2. Ajitha Arokianathan (IT Karnataka), 1:11.2, 3. Raj Bala Choudhary (IT Jaipur) 1:26.6.

400m (plus-35): 1. Nadiya Shaikh (Central Excise Mumbai) 1:10.05, 2. Vidya Devi (Revenue Board, Delhi) 2:13.1.

400m (plus-45): 1. Minaxi Salvi (IT Mumbai) 1:27.4, 2. Lily George (IT Mumbai), 1:27.6, 3. Tanuja Dutta (IT Kolkata) 1:46.7.

1500m: 1. Preeti L Rao (Ahmedabad) 5:49.9, 2. G Ananda Valli (Central Excise TN) 7:32.9, 3. Raj Bala Choudhary (IT Jaipur) 7:53.6.

Long Jump: 1. Saranya Subramaniam (IT Tamil Nadu) 5.31m, 2. Rumla Nath (Central Excise Kolkata) 5.05, 3. Deepika Goyal (Ahemdabad) 4.63.

Long jump (Women plus-35): 1. Snehal Khaire (Central Excise, Pune) 3.88m, 2. Agathainbu Rajulu (Central Excise, TN) 3.82, 3. Sandhya Ghosh (IT Kolkata) 2.40.

Shot Put (plus-45): 1. Sugandhi Kadam (IT Mumbai) 8.57m, 2. Jessy Sajan (TN Customs) 6.52, 2. Parvathamma MN (Central Excise Karnataka) 6.42.


Men Singles: Kubendra Babu (South Zone) beat SR Donthula (West Zone) 2-0.

Women Doubles: Bijali Hazara and Sandhya Ghosh (East Zone) beat Ketki Sawant and Jayawanti Prabhu (West Zone) 2-0.

Contract Bridge:
Men: Manas Mandal, AK Ghosh, PK Saha, SP Roy, PR Banerji, S Das (Income Tax Kolkata, East Zone) beat Anil Tikare, Shailendra Handa, Suneeta Ramteke, Mahesh Paithankar, Ravi Dalvi, Santosh Pawar (Income Tax Mumbai West Zone).

Table Tennis:

Men Doubles: D Karia and H Bhatt (IT Bhavnagar) beat R Chopra and A Thukral (Central Excise Chandigarh) 11-2, 11-8, 9-11, 11-7.

Women Singles: Mantu Murmu (Central Excise Kolkata) beat Vidhya Ramchandran (Central Excise TN) 11-8, 9-11, 11-2, 9-11, 11-6, 11-4.

Women Doubles: Mantu Murmu and P Banerjee (Central Excise Kolkata) beat M Kulkarni and R Patki (Central Excise Pune) 13-11, 11-9, 11-9.

Mixed Doubles: E Fernandes and Shilpa Joshi (IT Pune) beat S Muzumdar and Karbi Maity (IT Kolkata) 13-11, 11-1, 10-12, 11-5.

Veterans (Men Singles plus-40): Ramakant and A Thukral (Central Excise Chandigarh) beat Ravichandran and S Rao (IT Tamil Nadu) 5-11, 11-6 , 11-5, 6-11, 11-4.

Veterans (Men's Doubles plus-50): SM Sant and AT Nimbalkar (Central Excise Pune) beat Muralidhar Rao and Srinivasan (Central Excise TN) 11-7, 11-8, 11-6.

Veterans (Women Doubles plus-35): Mantu Murmu and P Banerjee (Central Excise Kolkata) beat Shilpa Joshi and Pragandha Pisal (IT Pune) 5-11, 4-11, 11-8, 13-11, 11-8.

Body building:

Under-70-kg: 1. Lalit Yadav (Central Excise, Delhi), 2. Rajendra Gavade (IT Mumbai), 3. Vivek Bagewadi (Central Excise, Pune)

Above-70-kg: 1. Arvind Roy Choudhary (IT Kolkata), 2. Mohnish Bakewala (Central Excise, Surat), 3. Rajiv Singh Negi (IT Delhi).