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Goa Governor inaugrates 3rd 'IMBER-IMBIZO' workshop at NIO

Posted on Jan 30, 09:14AM | UNI

Panaji, Jan 29 : Goa Governor Bharat Vir Wanchoo today emphasised that the future of marine biogeochemistry and ecosystems depend on changes arising from human activities, both on the continental margins and in the open oceans systems

Mr Wancho was speaking after inaugurating third international workshop, 'IMBER-IMBIZOI: The Future of Marine Biogeochemistry, Ecosystems and Societies' at the CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) at Dona Paula, a NIO release here said

Prof Dr Eileen Hofmann, Old Dominion University, USA; Dr Alida Bundy, research scientist, DFO, Canada; Prof Kon Kee Liu, National Central University, Taiwan and Dr Naqvi, director, NIO were also present

The Governor further said the oceans have played in the past and continue to play a predominant role in everyone's life be it economic, socio, climatic, ecology or environment and stressed on the study of the processes and mechanisms of feedbacks between the ocean biogeochemistry, ecology and global climate change, both at the regional and at the global scale

'This would enhance our ability to make predictions for the future and to arrive at corrective measures,' he added

Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems Research (IMBER)is an international global change research project that has a goal of understanding the processes underlying ocean responses to accelerating global change to provide predictive capability of the consequent effects on the earth system and human society

Achieving this goal requires identifying key interactions between marine biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems and dependent human societies, and assessing how these interactions respond to complex natural and anthropogenic forcings

The objective of the third IMBER-IMBIZO is to bring together scientists from the natural and social sciences to explore the linkages and interactions between human, ecological and biogeochemical systems in the continental margins and open-ocean

The previous two symposia of this series were held in the US and Greece. It is for the first time this meet is being held in India, the release stated