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Prasoon Joshi calls Lord Krishna biggest eveteaser

Posted on Jan 27, 01:47PM | UNI

In remark that may be viewed as objectionable among orthodox Hindu masses, Bollywood lyricist-screenwriter Prasoon Joshi has called Lord Krishna a 'biggest eve-teaser' at the Jaipur Literature Festival here.

A conversational session on 'Sex and Sensibility: Women in Cinema' with actor-activist Sabhana Azmi and Sanjoy Roy Prasoon yesterday debated whether Lord Krishna was the first eveteaser.

Prasoon called Lord Krishna the 'biggest eveteaser' of the 'gopis', and even disagreed with Roy who opined they look like they're enjoying it.

''Are the gopi(s) enjoying or suffering? Who decides ?'' Joshi said sarcastically.

Shabana took up display of women in wrong light, particularly in cinema.

She talked about the difficulty in choosing roles in Bollywood, particularly by women.

''I made uninformed choices. In wake of the gangrape, every section of society has to reflect on themself and the patriarchical mindset. You cannot have moral police say this is what Hindi films are doing to our girls,'' she said.

She counselled to Bollywood heroines to make informed choices.

''Many say no I don't feel we are commodified but what says ''Main toh tandoori murgi hoon yaar,..gatkaale sayiaan yaar alcohol se ?'' she wondered.

''Such is not the folk culture, Munni badnaam hui can not be folk music. And even if it is folk music and portraying women in a wrong way, it should be thrown away,'' Shabana held.