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Pak diplomats barred from Jaipur litfest

Posted on Jan 26, 10:45AM | IBNS

Adding to the long standing hostility between India and Pakistan, two diplomats from Pakistan were reportedly denied permission to attend the Jaipur Literary Festival by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Thursday though the government said it was a mere coincidence.

The two diplomats, Manzoor Memon who heads the media wing of the Pakistan High Commission and Naeem Anwar, the Pakistan Minister for Trade, were not allowed to attend the festival by the MEA as the Union Home Ministry did not approve the same.

Indian External Affairs Minister, Salman Khurshid Friday at a press briefing said, "I think let us not confuse any coincidence with any specific decision vis-a-vis the Jaipur Literary Festival or for that matter anything else."

"Diplomatic requests are made from time to time to the Ministry for travelling across the country. In most cases these requests are acceded to and accepted. In some cases for specific reasons, at that time best known to the Ministry and other agencies that are consulted, we have to say no."

Khurshid added, "It has not been brought to my knowledge that this had anything specifically to do with the Jaipur Literary Festival."