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'Hindu terror': BJP to hold protests against Shinde

Posted on Jan 23, 06:12PM | IBNS

Newly elected Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Rajnath Singh on Wednesday condemned Sushilkumar Shinde's 'Hindu terror' remarks and said the party will 'hold protests' against the Union Home Minister across the country from Thursday.

"The recent statement of the Union Home Minister shows the government is not serious about fighting terrorism...We wholeheartedly condemn his comments," Rajnath Singh said after he was elected as the president of the BJP unopposed.

He said: "We will hold massive countrywide protests against Shinde from tomorrow."

Dragging himself into a controversy, Shinde at the Chintan Shivir of Congress in Jaipur accused the BJP and its ideological patron Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) of promoting Hindu terrorism in India in their training camps.

"On one hand we are trying to restore peace in India and looking into injustices on minority or stopping infiltration while on the other hand the training camps of BJP or RSS are looking after promotion of Hindu terrorism in their camps," said Shinde speaking at the Congress conclave on Sunday.

Later when pressed for clarification, he told media that what he said is nothing new but had come out in media many times.

Union Home Secretary RK Singh on Tuesday backed Shinde's comment on BJP-RSS links with Hindu terror acts.

He said at least ten people were such who were linked to RSS and were involved in the terror attacks like Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid and Dargah Sharif blasts.

"We have at least 10 names associated with RSS at one time or other," RK Singh told reporters.

Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh said Shinde's facts were correct but the words used by the Home Minister were wrong.

"The Home Minister has withdrawn his remarks. His facts were right, but not words," Digvijaya Singh told CNN-IBN.

He alleged that senior BJP leaders like LK Advani and Sushma Swaraj had went on to plead for terrorists.

"LK Advani and Sushma Swaraj, they went as a delegation to plead for the terrorists who were booked by the Maharashtra ATS in the case of Malegaon blast. Why did they go and plead their case to the Prime Minister," Digvijaya Singh said.

Denying the allegations, Swaraj tweeted: "CNN IBN quotes Digvijay Singh 'Advani and Sushma pleaded for terrorists.' This is absolutely false."