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'Every day I have a new dream' : Shah Rukh Khan

Posted on Jan 23, 01:38PM | IBNS

Shah Rukh Khan is a self-made star. He believes it's only hard work that can take you to the road of success. TWF correspondent Sreya Basu chats up with the actor in Mumbai

Indian cinema is celebrating its 100 years this year. How do you feel being a part of it?

I came into films at a very good time and in no time it was 20-22 years, that is, one-fifth of the existence of the Indian film industry. I am proud and thrilled to be a part of the industry at a time when a lot of changes are happening. I came at a time when romance, love, niceness and goodness were prevalent in the '90s, I have seen the 2000s and the late 2000s now when cinema is changing and people are liking it.

Talking of changes, given the present socio-politico scenario, what changes do you think is a dire necessity these days?

I think at times too much importance is given to the people from the field of entertainment because we, via mediums like media, always stay in focus. Whenever there is the need to raise voice for a change, all the actors, actresses, directors and producers I know, they speak on that and try to contribute in their own small way, given how time-bound they are.

Having said that, I personally feel we need to look at things in a more secular way ... secularity in thought and belief. Especially, the youth must develop a secular mindset. Only when we start thinking in a secular way from our childhood and youth days, we will be able to transmit that belief to our next generation. Nothing will change just by delivering lectures, speeches or by writing about it. We need to understand we belong to one country, one creed, one cast and one love.

Are you a dreamer?

Yes, every day I have a new dream.

What kind of dreams do you have?

With the kind of work I do, I mostly dream about films ... that I will make big, different films. Sometimes the worries about my children's (Aryan and Suhana) future get transmitted to my dreams. But it's nice to keep on dreaming and believing that you can fulfill each dream. Having said that, lately I have started believing that you have to be rooted in reality ... dreams, love, life, romance, thoughts, beliefs ...they are very good and people who are in my position can afford to do it. But I have not forgotten my ground where I started from. Twenty years ago when I started my career, the only thoughts were if I would get food and a house, if I would be able to drive a car, if I would be able to look after my kids and afford good education for them. I have learnt one thing that before going into dreaming, get a reality check, get those things done first.

Okay. So what are your priorities at the moment?

Professionally I want to keep doing good and new kind of films and personally, all I want to ensure that my kids remain healthy and succeed in whatever they do. And I will keep working as long as people want to watch me.

It is said, colours define a man. So what's your colour?

I love black though most people say it is an unlucky colour; my Kolkata Knight Riders team colour was black, but later had to change it. My first car was a Hyundai and on the very first day it had an accident in front of the Mehboob Studio. Then everyone started saying that since the car was black, it met with an accident. But I don't believe in these things ... I like the colour and even in people, I like men and women who are a little dusky. However, I do feel a little weird if asked to wear a pink shirt during shooting; I also am not very comfortable with yellow. I stick more to black, white and blue. These are safe colours - you look decent when you wear white, black makes you look dapper and if you wear blue and white you look casual. I don't think a man needs any colour beyond these three.