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WEF Alliance publishes report on employee health

Posted on Jan 23, 12:28PM | IBNS

The World Economic Forum's (WEF) workplace wellness alliance (the Alliance) Tuesday published the report 'Making the Right Investment: Employee Health and the Power of Metrics,' here.

The report presents fresh research on workplace wellness programme implementation and evaluation as well as results and lessons learned from the Alliance's data collection to date.

It also includes nine case studies showcasing different types of return on investment provided by companies around the world, illustrating that return goes beyond mere dollars in and dollars out.

The companies are Discovery Health, General Electric, Humana, Johnson and Johnson, Jubilant, Novartis, Saudi Aramco, Unilever and US Preventive Medicine (USPM).

The Alliance will showcase its work on data collection and knowledge sharing in a series of events at the Annual Meeting.

These activities will bring together high-level representatives of private and public sector organizations to discuss workplace wellness as a key entry point to improved population health, organizational resilience and competitiveness.

"Today, preventing disease is more achievable than ever and our workforce is better educated than ever; yet, we remain burdened by preventable disease, with the productivity and potential of companies being undermined by the reduced physical capacity of their workforces," said Khalid Al Falih, President and Chief Executive Officer, Saudi Aramco.

"This situation is of special concern to us because we live in a region that has one of the highest rates of obesity and diabetes in the world."

The Alliance's data collection to date engaged 25 companies across 125 locations and covering almost 2 million employees, and will continue to be developed over time.

Having reached maturity and requiring additional resources for a continued scaling up of reach and impact, the Alliance will be transitioned in Davos to its new home: the Institute for Health and Productivity Management.