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Russian rescued from sex slavery in Bahrain

Posted on Jan 23, 12:15PM | IANS

A 20-year-old Russian woman has been rescued from sex slavery in Bahrain, the government said Tuesday.

The woman went on a vacation to Bahrain with a "friend", who offered to pay for the tour. On reaching there, she was told to pay back USD 20,000 or to pay off the debt through prostitution, said Russian Interior Ministry press service.

But the woman refused to give in to the demand and phoned her mother, who alerted the police.

The woman could be freed following a joint operation by Russian and Bahraini law enforcement agencies with Interpol assistance.

The ministry, however, did not reveal when the incident took place or how long the woman was held in what she claimed was a brothel.

In a video posted on the ministry's website, she also said she was drugged en route to Bahrain and did not really know how she ended up in the brothel.

The woman's "friend" is currently under investigation, the ministry said.