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Mopasang comes with pictures of common man

Posted on Jan 21, 08:16PM | UNI

Mopasang Valth's paintings are on display at the Contemporary Art Fair at Kanakakunnu here. His paintings at this fair organized by the South Indian Bank Grand Kerala Shopping Festival are drawing special attention.

A small house that stands out in the midst of trees lining a pathway Ordinary men and women who walk along the path.

People sitting on the half wall of the house, looking out at the road. Children on their way to school. A girl who walks through the trees, holding on to her mother's hand. A man who rows his boat on the lake on a misty morning. These are the sights on Mopasang Valath's canvas.

His paintings would capture anyone's attention, they explore nature and life in the villages. It is evident that he is an artist who studies Nature very closely. He has also been able to capture on canvas, the festivals, life and culture of the villages.

Mr Mopasang who hails from Ernakulam is a genius who has on his own worked on and developed his inbuilt talents. His paintings that have been displayed at numerous exhibitions have always been greatly appreciated and are in high demand.

The Fair is on till January 26.