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Paintings filled with greenery bring joy

Posted on Jan 21, 08:14PM | UNI

Green is Murali Nagapuzhya's favourite hue and it is this realisation that paintings filled with greenery bring joy to both the eye and mind that makes him concentrate on paintings filled with the colour.

One must go to the villages in order to see nature in all its splendour. Therefore, all of Murali's paintings revolve around villages.

Murali's paintings are on display at the Contemporary Art Fair organised by the Grand Kerala Shopping Festival at Kanakakunnu.

His paintings depict the beauty of Nature. Myna, Bird series, Jungle series, Village series, Tiger series and Fisherman series are some of Murali's famous paintings.

The myna on a branch covered with foliage seems alive. A lion in the midst of thick trees is part of the Jungle series. Though it is water that surrounds the fisherman on the boat, the artist focuses on the greenery all around.

The paintings on display at the Contemporary Art Fair are part of the Village Series. Trees surrounding an old, tiled house. A fat cat lazing on the compound wall. The house wife washing clothes in front of the house. A hen foraging for food. All these capture the vignettes from a typical village.

Murali, a science graduate who hails from Muvattupuzha, a district in Ernakulam, has held several painting exhibitions. He has won several prizes including the fellowship instituted by the Central Ministry for Human Resources Development.