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Tiger Moth to be seen in fire power demonstration at Pokharan

Posted on Jan 21, 07:43PM | UNI

De Havilland DH82 Tiger Moth, the first basic trainer aircraft of the Indian Air Force(IAF), will take part in 'Iron Fist' Exercise, a fire power demonstration at Pokharan on February 22.

The fully restored vintage aircraft--a two seat, single bay biplane powered by a 145 hp GYPSY MAJOR four cylinder inverted air-cooled engine-- was also the primary trainer for the Royal Air Force during the second world war that was.

It was the basic trainer in the Indian Air Force right from 1940, a defence spokesman said.

The aircraft responds well to control input, and is fairly easy to fly for a tail dragger. Its big 'parachute' wings are very forgiving, and stalls at a speed as slow as 25 knots with power, the spokesman said.

Tiger Moth has no electrical system, it must be started by hand. This needs to be done with care to prevent being struck by the propeller, which would result in serious injury. Being a tail-dragging biplane, taxiing also requires care, pilot cannot see directly ahead, so the lower wing can hit obstructions.

However, its biplane design makes it strong and it is fully aerobatic,but it only has ailerons on its bottom wing, which makes its rate of roll relatively slow for a biplane.

Most manoeuvres are started at about 90 to 110 knots, and it has a Velocity Never Exceeded (VNE) of 140 knots. Jodhpur Flying Club was the first institution to induct Tigermoth aircraft in year 1932. The vintage aircraft has been fully restored by an aircraft restoration company in UK. It will showcase IAF's golden past at IRON FIST-2013 at Pokhran on February 22.