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Keralites love theatre: Polish Director

Posted on Jan 21, 07:09PM | UNI

The people in Kerala are well educated and they are wholeheartedly welcoming threatre, irrespective of language, noted Poland theatre director Pawel Szkotak claims.

Mr Pawel, who is in this culture conscious city to participate in the Fifth Edition of the International Theatre Festival of Kerala (ITFOK), told UNI "the people in Kerala are well educated and they are welcoming theatre whole heartedly, irrespective of languages.' The Polish Director, who is taking part in ITFOK for the second time, said the abundant support from the spectators from this city to ITFOK has prompted him to take his team to the city to participate in the festival in the second consecutive year.

He said though he was hesitant to stage his work 'Carmen Funefre' for the first time in the previous edition of the festival, his confusion vanished and he was excited with the response of spectators, once the play ended.

'The people in the city are enjoying every moment of the play, and supported and encouraged his team, once the play was completed,' he said and recalled that it was, of cousre, a new experience in my life and that the happy memory of last year froced him to take part in this year's festival also.

The 15-member team of Teatr Biuro Podrozy from Poland, including 11 artists, which include five women, would perform their masterpiece, 'Mach beth--who is that Bloodied man?' in the festival.

Though he and his team had performed plays in Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai, the response from Kerala was quite enterprising and abundant, he added.