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Restore LPG subsidy: Jaya urges Centre

Posted on Jan 17, 09:20PM | UNI

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa today urged the Centre to withdraw its decision to allow oil companies to decide on the rate of diesel and continue provision of LPG subsidy without any ceiling in the interests of poor and common man.

In a statement here, Ms Jayalalithaa strongly condemned the decision taken at the Political Affairs Committee and the Union Cabinet allowing the oil companies to fix the price of diesel and allowing only nine LPG cylinders under subsidy per year.

"It is akin to adding fuel to the fire at a time when the people are hard hit by uncontrolled corruption, rising prices, inflation, depreciation of Indian rupee against US dollar, railway fare hike and steady increase in prices of petrol", she charged.

Noting that diesel was the life line of a country's economy, Ms Jayalalithaa condemned the Centre, in whch the DMKis a key partner, for allowing the oil companies to determine the diesel prices.

She said since any hike in diesel price would have a cascading effect it would lead to rise in prices of essential commodities,bus fare hike and vehicle charges, the pricing structure was vested with the government.

"The Centre's decision, allowing oil companies to determine the diesel price as per the international rates, will pave way for rise in prices of essential commodities besides increase in inflation", she said and castigated the Centre's policy of allowing oil firms to determine the prices of petrol and diesel. Ms Jayalalithaa said the government's decision to hike the subsidy LPG cap to nine cylinders per year was an attempt to shield itself from the people's anger that would pour out due to diesel hike.