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KSCSTE to celebrate 100 years of crystallography

Posted on Jan 16, 10:04PM | UNI

A hundred years ago, a father-son physicist duo WH Bragg and WL Bragg unleashed the vast potential of crystallography with their famous Bragg's equation.

Since then, crystallography has had myriad applications, from x-rays to quality control of electronic components.

Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE) - the flagship agency to promote and encourage science in the state - is organising a National Colloquium here from February 7-9 to celebrate 100 years of crystallography.

This path-breaking discovery, which won the two British physicists a Nobel Prize in 1915, is now an indispensable tool to study the chemical structures of molecules through diffraction of x-rays, neutrons and electrons. This method is the core of structural science, showing the very details of DNA and protein creation in cells.

Crystallography is also being extensively used to study molecules in their molecular or even atomic levels. Most of all, crystallography is helping scientists in designing new and powerful drugs by providing accurate knowledge of molecular structure.