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Bollywood directors speak out for regional cinema

Posted on Jan 14, 10:54AM | UNI

Leading commercial directors of Bollywood today espoused the case of regional or language films as commercial Hindi films cannot cater to a vast majority of the diverse Indian population due to various commercial and other constraints.

They also expressed concern at the 'bulldozing' of regional themes and cinemas by the mainstream Bollywood films, which are generally greater commercial successes.

Top-notch new-era Bollywood directors Dibakar Banerjee, Zoya Akhtar, Anusha Rizvi and Reema Kagti took up the cause of regional films at a press conference here, organized as part of a two-day long Brahmaputra Valley Film Fest that started here today.

Mr Banerjee highlighting the importance of fresh talents and insights said, 'Over-reaching Bollywood is bulldozing away the diversity and vibrancy of other styles, which should not be the case. If the language cinema is not promoted and fizz out, Indian cinema will be poorer.' Ms Rizvi also made a strong case for the regional cinemas and said, 'Hindi cinema or Bollywood alone is not speaking out to a large section of people. It is important that regional cinema be strengthened.' She also added that language cinemas have more 'values' as they are not always driven by commercial constraints as is the case with mainstream movies.

While supporting the cause of the regional cinema, Ms Akhtar pointed that people's search for entertainment in cinemas may at times make film-makers refrain from dealing with hard truths, which may be ugly.

'People are interested in cinema since it is entertainment.

But we must devise to give out the right perspective while entertaining,' she added.

Ms Kagti stressed that films have the potential to be the first cultural ambassador of a state or people and must be intelligently portrayed to present a correct picture.